Tips & Hints for your Photo Shoot

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We all admire beautiful models in naturally beautiful photographs. Those pictures would not be so perfect without modeling poses and modeling tips. To achieve perfect photographs is harder than you think.

The only real rule is to avoid looking stiff, awkward or like you are in pain. The goal is to pose so that you look natural and, well, like you aren’t posing at all.



Always remember to breathe normally and try to appear at ease. Do not hold your breath while you are posing.



Remember when you are posing that, in everyday life, people rarely keep their head in a straight line with their body. They tend to tilt their heads to one side or another- this is perfectly natural and it also makes people look less stiff.

  • A slight angle could make a big difference and make you look more natural.
  • The easiest thing way to make yourself more comfortable looking, is to put uneven weight on your two feet. If you do this, the knee without the weight will bend slightly and give you a much more relaxed appearance.

If you are aiming to look slimmer do the following:

  • Don’t let your arms touch your body.
  • There are times when you need to sit or stand, but more times than not, you will look more natural, more comfortable and less “posed” if you slouch ever so slightly.
  • But if you are sitting down or reclining, remember to move your body forward so that you don’t instinctively slouch heavily back against the chair, wall, etc.
  • Put your weight on the back of one thigh, rather than distributing your weight equally on both.
  • If you flex your stomach muscles slightly, despite your weight or state of shape, your abdomen will appear more toned.



The photographer captures your image on camera and you want to look the best you can. You know your best features and therefore you should be able to enhance them smartly, so keep the following tips in mind:


  • Don’t face the camera straight on, point your head slightly away (left, right or down) from the camera and keep your eyes on the camera.
  • For a sexy look tilt your chin slightly down and look straight ahead.
  • Bend your head slightly down and look up.
  • Do not point directly at the camera with your finger, arm or legs.
  • Make sure that both arms/ legs are visible.
  • Don’t over-extend your joints (e.g. legs bending backwards)
  • Keep your hands graceful, flowing and natural.
  • Your hands can go on your hips, in pockets, or crossed for a more natural look than just letting your hands hang loose on the sides.
  • If you put your hand in your pocket, make sure that most of your hand is visible to at least your thumb above your pocket.
  • Do not pull downwards on the belt loops- let the hands hang gracefully.
  • Get some movement in your joints. By bending your joints, the picture’s composition will be more natural.



Asymetry is an essential trick of the trade. This makes things more interesting and flattering to look at. You can for instance:

  • Tilt your head to the side a little.
  • Dip one shoulder and the hip on that side a bit.
  • Place your hands at different heights.
  • Place one hand in a pocket and let the other one dangle.
  • If you have one arm long and straight by your side, make sure the other arm is bent.
  • Dip your shoulder slightly, bend one leg and raise that heel.
  • Keep the other leg locked and give the other one a casual bend.
  • Turn your body slightly.



There are so many expressions we can show by using a sultry look, different smiles, a frown even a cheeky grin. Sexy, flirtatious or warm, you should be able to express that through your face.

  • Don’t smile every time. Use a variety of expressions to show different emotions.
  • Do not always look directly into the camera and don’t point your nose at the camera either.
  • For variety, look away from the camera with a mix of head and eye poses.
  • Let your eyes do all the work while your head remains stationary.
  • Look off to the right or left side.
  • Tilt your neck; work with your eyes, cross your arms and legs if required. Al these little movements will portray different expressions and moods.
  • Experiment with your face and try to give your best look in front of a mirror at home. The most important aspect of modeling is to look natural as you try out the various looks. Practice makes perfect!
  • Although many body poses do not require specific facial expressions, putting your entire body into character during full-length poses helps your body find a natural balance.

Keep these model posing tips in mind during your next professional model photo shoot to ensure that it is a wonderful experience you will always remember. Whether you’re a trained expert or an ambitious beginner, all models have the ability to excel in photo shoots. Just remember to focus on your posture, attitude, and facial expressions to succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Let your attitude and confidence shine through to make your pictures perfect!